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Aluminium Formwork

Our cutting-edge Aluminium Formwork systems redefine construction efficiency and precision. With innovative designs and superior functionality, we revolutionize the way structures are built.

wall panel-03

Wall Panel (W)

It forms the concrete wall fascia. It is designed to withholds the Hydrostatic Pressure from different Pouring Heights.

Beam Soffit Panel

It supports the soffit beam. It is a plain rectangular panel of aluminium as per the size of Beam Soffit.

Soffit Length (SL)

It acts as connection component between Wall Panel & Deck Panel.

Deck Panel (D)

Deck Panel (D)

It forms the Horizontal surface for casting of Deck for various Slab Thickness.

Deck Mid-Beam (MB)

It acts as connecting profile between two Deck Panel Lines.

Deck Prop (DP)

It forms a V-shaped Prop Head. It ensures Dismantling of Deck Panels without disturbing the Props.


Rocker (R)

It is a supporting Component of Wall Panel at the Bottom. It is L-shaped Component having holes for Pins & Wedges or Nut Bolt.

Beam Side Panel (BSP)

It is used to support Beam Sides as per the depth of the Beam.

Beam Prop Head (BPH)

It forms the part of Beam Bottom. It ensures dismantling of Beam Bottom Formwork without disturbing the Props.
aluminium Formwork

Beam Bottom Panel (BBP)

It is the panel for Beam Bottom. It carries most of the bulk load.

Prop Length (PL)

It supports Deck Panels & Beam Bottom Panels. Being adjustable. it can be used for different Pouring Heights.

Soldier Tie (ST)

It connects Deck Prop Head (DP) with Mid Beam (MB) on either side.
external corner angle aluminium-04

External Corner Angle (ECA)

It connects Two Panels of Vertical Formwork at their Exterior Intersections.

Internal Corner (IC)

It acts as Horizontal Internal Corner between the Walls Panels and Deck Panels / Beam Soffit.

External Corner (EC)

It acts as Horizontal External Corner between the Walls Panels and Deck Panels / Beam Soffit.
column corner-06

Column Corner (CC)

It connects Two Panels of Vertical Formwork at their Interior Intersections.

Pin & Wedge

Pins & Wedges are used to join Two Components.
kicker-01-01 (1)

Kicker (K)

It forms the wall face at the top of External Panels throughout the Periphery of the building. It plays significant role for proper alignment of structure externally.